It was this Tuesday, December 15 2009, a first time in Mauritania "Electronic Banking Day"!

Electronic Payments, which continues to prevail in its industrial counterparts, thanks to its technological innovation with his magnetic card or smart card, and other technologies associated with it today is very widespread in the uses of daily life of the population "unbanked" in the world who hold a credit card.
It is in this context of electronic banking revolution, qu'INFOLOG took the initiative to organize such a day for the first time in Mauritania! Called "New Trends in Electronic Banking"
At the end of the day electronic payment "New Trends in Electronic Banking" was discussed to invite the two world leaders in electronic banking, namely the Ingenico, the worldwide leader in secure electronic transactions and NCR Corporation Number a World Bank ATM Machine (ATM) and Distributor of Automatic Machines (ATMs).
At the ceremony, Ingenico was represented by Mr. Gabriel MIGIOIA (Business Development Manager) and NCR represented by Mr. Elias AOUAD (Market Development Manager) Also note the massive presence of representatives of local banks.
It is also important to acknowledge the enormous GIMTEL colaboration of the success of this historic day electronic payment to Mauritania.
This day was so well-known importance for the banking sector and economic operators in Mauritania.


As defined in the dictionary, the electronic payment includes "all devices using computers and electronic banking"
In the strict sense of the term and the original electronic banking is closely related to electronic payment system that integrates the triptych:
- Smart card or magnetic stripe
- Electronic payment terminal (EPT) / distributor (or ATM) Automated Teller Machine (ATMs),
- Establishing banking.
Experts define their side of the electronic banking sector as "all electronic technology, information and communication technology to conduct transactions, transfer funds or any other operation that connects a user equipped with a card with a
all services".
Today, technology allows for electronic payments from a wide range of possible applications even though in mind, many still include a transaction or financial compensation (electronic purse, Vitale card, transportation card, loyalty card,
prepaid phone card ...).
Applications such as access cards, identification or chips embedded in mobile phones (SIM cards) fall into this definition of electronic banking.
Moreover, technologically, little to distinguish a bank smart a SIM card.
More broadly, the field of secure electronic transaction is made, that they are applications, a chain which includes:
- An autonomous mobile system (smart card)
- A reading terminal (which includes a front office system to manage the interface between the card and the terminal)
- A transmission system
- Data centers that validate the transaction via a back office system.

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