Service of Remote maintenance

The system of remote maintenance is conceived to make it possible to technicians to carry out maintenance actions on computers located on distant sites. It has the advantage of reducing the maintenance and, management maintenance costs of the infrastructures of the network by significantly reducing displacements of the technicians on the various sites.

More need to spend of the considerable sums for maintenance actions which can from now on be carried out starting from a site (indicates like centers remote maintenance) and this using the tools of which INFOLOG Inc place at your disposal.

Application of Remote maintenance

CRS-T® is the application developed by Infolog Inc intended for remote maintenance. Having a simple interface, intuitive and rich in functionalities, CRS-T® allows to carry out the whole of the operations of remote maintenance.

Functionalities :

• Simple, intuitive interface
• Easy access to the various functions.
• Less greedy in resources system
• Mechanism of authentification of the users of the application
• Protected connection
• Takeover of a distant station
• Service of integrated cat allowing a dialogue real time between the technician and an operator located on the distant site
• Service of file transfer
• Journalizing of the activities
• Finely of management of the platform of remote maintenance (ajout/suppression of the sites, ajout/suppression of the workstation, ajout/suppression of the users of the platform, configuration of the sites and workstation, etc.)

Screenshots : Liens 1, 2, 3, 4

The importance of remote maintenance is not any more to nowadays show. The companies today have the manufacturing units which are dispersed in several areas and these last are connected to the head office by data-processing networks. Thanks to made safe connections VPN, it is increasingly possible to carry out operations of management, maintenance and supervision on distant sites. Sometimes that reduces by 60 % the costs dregs to these activities and makes it possible to realize considerable savings.

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